There are over 80 programs available that you can use to migrate to Canada. This program allows you to work and live permanently in Canada. The average processing time for the program is about 6 months even though we have successfully completed some within 2 months.

You will become a permanent resident of Canada and after 3 years you can become a citizen. There are over 20 criteria that are used to assess your eligibility for the programs. A few of them include: work experience, educational qualification, relative in Canada, language proficiency.

A few of the programs available include Express Entry, Provincial Nomination programs, Rural and Northern immigration program, Caregiver program, Self-employed program, Federal skilled worker program, Federal skilled trade program, Canadian Experience class, business investments and entrepreneurship programs and many others.

Our Immigration consultants are very knowledgeable and have assisted so many people to use most of these programs to migrate to Canada. They can also assist you move to Canada today. The first step is finding out if you are eligible to apply.

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Our Canada study plan allows you to study, work and later immigrate to Canada if your final goal is to migrate. We represent so many schools in Canada and can help you with the admission and visa processing. There are so many benefits you can derive from studying in Canada. Some of the advantages include:

  • Affordable tuition fees: The tuition fees are affordable and very competitive compared to other Countries with similar standard like USA, AND UK. School fees in Canada range from ($7k- 35k CAD) depending on the school and your choice of course.
  • Travel with your family: You can travel with your family (Spouse and Children). The visa process can be together or separately after you have gotten your visa.
  • Open Work Permit for your spouse: Your spouse can get an open work permit that allows him/her to work in Canada while you are studying. This allows your spouse to also assist to contribute to the finances of the family while you are studying.
  • Work while studying: You can work while studying in Canada. You can work up to 20 hours a week
  • 3 years postgraduation permit: You can get up to 3 years post-graduation work permit after your study which allows you to work in Canada.
  • Free Education for your Children: Your children can attend Canadian schools free of charge making them to also blend with the Canadian culture
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We can assist you apply to work in Canada, extend a work permit or hire a foreign worker. Your work permit application may or may not require a Labour market Impact Assessment (LMIA), even if it does require, we can assist with processing it. There are other programs too that requires you get a work permit like the International Experience Class, Caregiver program (Home support worker and Home childcare provider) and some investment programs. For some other people who require a work permit to do internship in Canadian companies, we can also help with the process. Fill out our assessment to find out if you can come to Canada using a work permit.


There are so many pathways available for investors, entrepreneurs, and senior management executives in the corporate world to migrate to Canada. You will be expected to own and actively manage a business in Canada that will contribute to the economy and create jobs. You must show a minimum net worth determined by the specific program and must satisfy other criteria set out by the Canadian government. We have successfully assisted many investors to start a new life of opportunity in Canada. Fill out our free assessment to find out if you are eligible to apply using this program


Are you a Canadian Citizen or a permanent resident of Canada? You can sponsor your spouse, common-law partner, or conjugal partner, parents, grandparent, dependent child and dependent child of a dependent child to come and live with you as a permanent resident of Canada. Canada so much value family and will do all they need to do to keep families together because they believe you will do very well if you are as close to your family members. Family reunification is something Canada value. Let us assist you to bring your family members to Canada.


We can assist you to get up to 5years tourist/visitors visa to Canada. This visa allows you to visit families and friends, visit Canada for tours or vacation, medical check-up or treatment and also attend conferences and workshops. The process can be completed within 60 days and you will not need to appear for interview. Previous travel history is not a compulsory requirement, but it is an added advantage if you have as it can confirm the likelihood that you will return back to your country of origin. We have successfully assisted many people to get visitors visa to Canada and we can also help you get yours. Contact us today to start the process.  


Permanent residents must have a valid permanent resident card (PR card) or a permanent resident travel document (PRTD) to return or stay in Canada. If your permanent resident (PR) card has expired or will expire in less than 6 months, we can assist you to apply for a new card. If you misplaced your permanent resident card or your PR card has expired and you are outside Canada, you may not be able to enter Canada. Infact airlines will not allow you to fly over to Canada, We can assist you apply for a PRTD which will allow you to enter Canada To be eligible for a PRTD, you need to be a permanent resident.


At certain times and for certain reasons, you may find yourself in a situation where your status has expired, and you are out of status. For example, you applied for a temporary resident visa extension, it was denied, and now you do not have any status in Canada. If you have lost your status in Canada as a temporary resident, temporary worker or as a student, we are well positioned to assist you in restoring your status. Click here to book a consultation to discuss your specific situation with one of our consultants today.


Are you a permanent resident? We can also assist you apply to become a citizen of Canada. We not only do citizenship applications but can also help if your application was refused, help you get proof of citizenship, help find out if you are already a citizen, help you become a citizen again after choosing to give up your Canadian citizenship and lots more. Contact us today to get started