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Our Canada study plan allows you to study, work and later immigrate to Canada if your final goal is to migrate. We represent so many schools in Canada and can help you with the admission and visa processing. There are so many benefits you can derive from studying in Canada. Some of the advantages include:

Affordable tuition fees

The tuition fees are affordable and very competitive compared to other Countries with similar standard like USA, AND UK. School fees in Canada range from ($7k- 35k CAD) depending on the school and your choice of course.

Travel with your family

You can travel with your family (Spouse and Children). The visa process can be together or separately after you have gotten your visa.

Open Work Permit for your spouse

Your spouse can get an open work permit that allows him/her to work in Canada while you are studying. This allows your spouse to also assist to contribute to the finances of the family while you are studying.

Work while studying

You can work while studying in Canada. You can work up to 20 hours a week.

3 years postgraduation permit

You can get up to 3 years post-graduation work permit after your study which allows you to work in Canada.

Free Education for your Children

Your children can attend Canadian schools free of charge making them to also blend with the Canadian culture

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