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There are over 80 programs available that you can use to migrate to Canada. This program allows you to work and live permanently in Canada. The average processing time for the program is about 6 months even though we have successfully completed some within 2 months. You will become a permanent resident of Canada and after 3 years you can become a citizen. There are over 20 criteria that are used to assess your eligibility for the programs. A few of them include: work experience, educational qualification, relative in Canada, language proficiency.

A few of the programs available include Express Entry, Provincial Nomination programs, Rural and Northern immigration program, Caregiver program, Self-employed program, Federal skilled worker program, Federal skilled trade program, Canadian Experience class, business investments and entrepreneurship programs and many others.

Our Immigration consultants are very knowledgeable and have assisted so many people to use most of these programs to migrate to Canada. They can also assist you move to Canada today. The first step is finding out if you are eligible to apply.

To find out if you are eligible for any of this program, fill out a free assessment.