The fact that you are over 40 years does not mean you cannot get your study visa to Canada. There are things you must do to convince the visa officer that you are a genuine student. We just got this visa approval for one of our clients who was 46 years old. She had many other issues that made her case to be very interesting. It really looked like  all odds were against her but as experts in immigration and visa issues we went to work on her application and we got her a visa to come to Canada to study.

Below is a short summary of her case:

*Applicant is 46 years old.
*Previously claimed asylum in the USA which was refused.
*Was later arrested, removed and deported from the USA when she refused to leave the USA.
*Her USA visa was revoked.
*Was given 10 years ban from entering the USA in 2019.
*Refused UK visa recently in 2021.
*Applied by herself through an Unlicensed agent to visit Canada in 2019, application refused because she failed to disclose her previous USA refusal, ban and removal from the USA.
*Came to us in June 2021 and we successfully got her study visa to Canada approved in 3 months despite all the past issues she has had.

We have proved to the world once again that you can get a study visa to Canada if you are over 40 years old. Even if you had a bad past as regards visa refusal, we can still be of help. Our consultants are experts in visa refusal management and no matter how bad your situation is, they can always look for a solution.

If you have a similar situation and you are confused about what to do, reach out to us today. Our Whatsapp number is +15875686124

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