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Business Investor Class

There are three types of applicants under this category:


The Immigrant Investor Program seeks to attract experienced businesspersons to Canada. Investors must demonstrate business experience, a minimum net worth and make an investment as determined by the program.

An investor is someone who has operated, controlled or directed a successful business or commercial undertaking on their own. Investors are required to make a minimum investment as required by the law. This investment has to be made prior to approval of immigration case and provinces and territories secure the investment.


The Entrepreneur Program seeks to attract experienced businesspersons that will own and actively manage businesses in Canada that will contribute to the economy and create jobs. They must show a minimum net worth determined by the specific program and must satisfy other criteria set out by the Canadian government.

An entrepreneur is expected to establish a qualifying Canada business within a few years of landing in Canada. Canada Government monitors establishment of the qualifying business Entrepreneurs and their dependants are admitted to Canada under specific conditions that are subsequently monitored by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) after landing.

The venture must make significant contribution to the economy and must result in creation or maintenance of employment opportunities for one or more Canadian citizens or permanent residents, other than the entrepreneurs and his/her dependents. The entrepreneur must also provide active and ongoing participation in management of the business. In this category an applicant is required to meet the condition of opening a successful business and employing, at least, one Canadian citizen or a landed immigrant within the first three years of landing in Canada.


Self-employed persons must have the intention and ability to create their own employment and make a significant contribution to the cultural, artistic or athletic life of Canada, or, to create their own employment by purchasing and managing a farm in Canada.