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A detailed employer’s letter of reference  is a very important factor for an application through the express entry to be successful. Imagine the pain one will have after using time and resources to collect a letter of reference from your employer and your application is refused as a result of employer’s reference letter. This underscores the value and importance of employer letter of reference. This article will explain all  you need to know about employer letter of reference.

Employer letter of reference is a letter written by a past or current employer for an employee who had worked or is currently working for the employer. This letter is usually written to confirm the person skills, experience, achievement and character.

Basic Component of Employer Reference Letter for Express Entry

  1. Your Full Name: Your name as written in the letter must be the same as it is in your international passport. People who have changed names should ensure there are verifiable documents that can proof that it is still them.
  2. Name of the Company: The letter is expected to be written on a letterhead that bears the name of the company where you worked or are still working.
  3. Company Complete address: The physical address of the company should be clearly written on the letter. For company’s that also have postal address which may be different from their office address, they may include it on it. It is better to have the physical address of the office on the letter instead of having only a postal address.
  4. Company Telephone Number: Most companies have official telephone numbers. This is expected to be on the letter. For company’s that are sole proprietorship that may not have an official number, the number of the Director can be used.
  5. Company email address: The email address of the company is also expected to be in the letter.
  6. Company stamp: The letter is supposed to be stamped with the company stamp or seal.
  7. Signature of your immediate supervisor: The letter is expected to be signed by your immediate supervisor at work. Just in case the individual is no longer working in the company, someone who knew you when you worked there and who is in a position of authority in the company can also sign the letter.
  8. Detailed work experience: The express entry is about skilled work. The letter is expected to highlight the following as it relates to your work
    1. Job Title
    2. Duties performed
    3. Number of hours worked per week
    4. Annual salary
    5. Start date of work
    6. End date of work (if not current job

In conclusion, skilled work experience is a very crucial requirement for applications processed through the express entry. Candidates applying for permanent residence through the Express Entry should ensure that their reference letters are well written and also follows Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) standard so as to avoid possible visa refusal.

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