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When it comes to legal migration, few countries of the world come to mind. This is because there are some basic criteria that migrants look for. A country needs not only to have good welfare and social benefits but also needs to have good policies that seek to welcome migrants. Canada is one such country that tops the list of countries ideal for migration. A few of the  factors that make Canada an ideal choice of many intending migrants include:

Multicultural country– Canada is known to be multicultural and it is now a part of its identity. Canada is a place where all citizens keep their identities, take pride in their ancestry and have a sense of belonging. Multiculturalism exists when people accept and encourage many cultures to thrive in a given society. The benefits of multiculturalism are enormous. One major benefit is good racial and ethnic harmony. Living with and accepting different cultures helps us understand each other and discourage hatred and violence.

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Free and quality healthcare: Healthcare is a very important factor when migrants look for a place to go. As we grow old a lot of changes take place in our bodies which requires medical intervention. In Canada, no matter the severity of the condition, healthcare is free for all. The free health services are not limited to certain clinics and hospitals. You can simply go to any health care center of your choice and avail yourself of free treatment. The free treatment is also as good as the best you can get from world class hospitals around the world. The fact that it is free does not imply the quality is substandard.

Free education: Children below the age of 18 years have access to free public education. The quality of education is also very high. Imagine the benefit of giving your children the best of education, without paying a dime.

Family friendly country– Canada values family reunification. There are programs designed by Canada to achieve this. One of such is the 10 years multiple entry visa for your parents and grandparent (Supervisa). Canada also encourages permanent residents and citizens to bring their family members to Canada as Permanent residents. There are lots of programs designed to bring spouses, parents, grandparents, siblings, and even distant relatives to Canada

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Social Support-Canada has so many programs that help permanent residents and citizens to settle down fast when they migrate to Canada. One of such is the child benefit payment which is given to parents who have children below 18 years. This payment helps to ease the burden of taking care of your children while you are looking for work or you are underemployed. This is based on the number of children of children that you have. Another of such are free programs designed for people who have lost their jobs so that they can develop new skills and start afresh or polish their old skills and start looking for a better paying new job. There are also so many programs sponsored by government to assist permanent residents to learn how to start and be profitable in business. Some of these programs also give them grants especially while the training is ongoing.

Low crime rate: Even though we know crimes are committed everywhere, Canada is known for its very low crime rate compared with many other developed countries. Imagine the peace of mind you will have when the likely incidence of crime in your neighborhood is so little.

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